Why Huddleworx?

Huddleworx measures the strength of employee relationships in real-time. HR professionals and managers can monitor how effectively people and teams are collaborating. Employee engagement levels are optimised and performance is enhanced.

What is it?

Communication behaviour revealed in email, voice and chat data is used to score the strength of employee relationships while maintaining content privacy. Relationship analytics reports provide insights on performance, engagement, retention and workforce planning.

How does it work?

1. Understand digital communication flows

  • Enterprise ready software harvests communication data flows across a variety of channels (email, mobile, voice and chat).
  • Our algorithm translates this data into quantitative scores of the quality of communication between employees.
  • Detailed reports reveal invaluable insights into interpersonal and team dynamics.

Understand how well people collaborate in terms of initiation, responsiveness, consistency and opportunity.

2. Ensure productive working relationships

  • HR professionals, managers and employees receive real time reports into their collaborative performance.
  • Users are provided with tailored insights to improve their communication behavior and strengthen their relationships.
  • HR professionals and managers can leverage key relationships to enhance performance, and proactively nurture weaker ones to maintain high engagement levels.

3. Strategic level people analytics

  • Use collaboration maps to inform workforce planning by understanding how teams are actually working together.
  • Understand where effective collaboration drives financial performance and productivity.
  • Improve retention by identifying groups of “at risk” or isolated employees.


Up to 100 users
per user (monthly)

Email analytics

Individual user reports & guidance

Built in HR unit & manager reports

Built in people analytics reports

Email technical support

100 users plus
per month

Email, mobile, voice & chat analysed

Individual user reports & guidance

Custom HR unit & manager reports

Custom strategic people analytics

Dedicated HR expert & tech support

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